Crisp Reading Notes on Latest Technology Trends and Basics


  • Creativity is the ability to look at artifacts and systems, and come up with new systems or identify useful gaps within the existing systems.


  • Innovation is the ability to build the great product or System, once the Creative people have identified the right system
  • Creativity + Innovation = Product
  • Product      + Usage               = Economic Growth

Engineering Education

  • Being educated is the ability to understand the theories of the field, the inner workings, and how to tune the system to meet certain goals ( Example – Mobile Engineers would be considered educated on Cell-Phones )
  • Education  + Follow-through = Innovation

Hence Engineering Education is very necessary for the growth of the society

Product Literacy

  • Product Literacy is the ability to understand people in a field, or use a system or product in a productive way ( Example – Most people in India are Cell-Phone literate )
  • Product Literacy improvement is necessary for the Usage of Products and Services, and is hence a direct contributor to Economic Growth

Summary –

So what do we improve for Economic Growth

  • Improve Creativity
  • Improve Education
  • Improve Follow-through
  • Improve Literacy

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