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Organizational Techniques to Improve Creativity

Several organization practice techniques to improve their Creativity. These include –

  • Brainstorming Sessions – Where several employees get together and talk about specific problem and its solutions
  • Idea Generation Workshops – Where lots of ideas are generated on a particular focus area. 
  • CrowdSourcing – A large number of teams solve a similar problem, and the best solutions are picked.

Conventional Thinking in Organizations

Each of the above techniques has the danger of generating lots of ideas, only a few of which generate incremental innovations.

To be highly innovative requires a high amount of unconventional thinking.

Anti-Conventional Thinking

This is achieved by a technique called “Anti-Conventional Thinking”, that encourages and values Unconventional Thinking, rather than Conventional.

This achieves fewer ideas than the Traditional Technique above, but each technique is more effective.

The techniques here are

  • Problem Statement – Phrase the problem in a way that encourages Unconventional Thinking.  For example –
Conventional What new features might we add to product X?
Creative In what totally new and unexpected ways could we deliver value to our customers
  • Filter Conventional Solutions – For unconventional solutions to emerge, one needs to filter out the conventional solutions.
  • Debate and Defend – An unconventional solution builds support only if it is debated and defended by the proposer, or any other team member. Requiring such a discussion also forces the people to think more about the solution.


Another key aspect to improving Creativity is Refinement. Creativity may happen at several stages during “Problem Solving”.

When the primary problem is solved, other sub-problems may remain, which need to be solved further.

References on Anti-Conventional Thinking


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