Crisp Reading Notes on Latest Technology Trends and Basics

Let us try to define what Creativity means in an inherently systematic and analytical field.

Areas of Showing Creativity

Creativity in Structuring

is the ability to combine two or more concepts, artifacts or approaches, and combine them in ways that is different from the conventional approach in the industry.

Creativity in Application

is the ability to apply a concept used in a different industry, process, or context, and apply it in the current context.

Who is Creative

Is Creativity innate, or is it Acquired

  • Everybody is Creative, and show this at some point in time
  • Some are more creative than others. It is innate
  • People can control how they apply their Creativity, for better results.

Professions Emphasizing Creativity

  • Some professions encourage Creativity more than others.These include – Music, Art, Higher Mathematics, Quantum Physics.
  • So, these professions contain more Creative than others.

Individual Techniques to Improve Creativity

Anti-Conventional Thinking is one of the best techniques that improves Creative thinking.

  • This approach encourages you to do something unconventional, and observe the results.
  • This may be something as simple as saying “Hey There” instead of “Good Morning”, or Using a Movie instead of a Power-Point.

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