Crisp Reading Notes on Latest Technology Trends and Basics

Polyglot Persistence

  • Polyglot Persistence is a “Design Pattern” that allows different functional components of an Integrated System to be present in different kinds of data-stores, each with
    • Different CAP (Consistency, Availability and Partitioning) characteristics
    • Different Scalability requirements
    • Different Read and Write Performance characteristics
    • Different Administrative characteristics


  • The following is a sample of how different databases may be used for different applications in an E-retailers application

User Session Redis In memory database

Used for moderate amounts of fast changing data

Financial Data RDBMS Reliability, Transactions, Interoperability, Explainable Procedures
Shopping Cart Riak Emphasis on availability. Even seconds of downtime count.

Must support distributed access

Recommendations Neo4J A Graph database
Product Catalog MongoDB Very good for Indexing

Can tolerate moderate amount of writes as well

Reporting RDBMS Infrastructure is very good, Sophisticated data model,

Query Optimization

Cassandra User Activity Logs Allows a large amount of writes at the same time.

HBase is a good alternative

Cassandra Web Analytics Must read huge amounts of data one-by-one.

Hive is a good alternative



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